Staking Rewards: The Most Trusted Staking Data Hub

“We are the first and most reliable source for Staking and yield-bearing assets data. No rating, nor any data point is sponsored in any form. Our data relies on independent research from our dedicated team. For over 6 years we have been researching Proof-of-Stake, Masternodes, Decentralized Finance, Generalized Mining, Security Tokens and all the other opportunities to earn passive income with digital assets. We have been gathering and evaluating information, data, resources and so have developed many new metrics to make sense of this new asset class and economy.”

We at A&T Capital are proud to announce our participation in Staking Rewards’ seed round funding. Staking Rewards is now the leading data aggregator for Proof of Stake protocols that enable passive returns through staking. As many opportunities require active involvement or have high requirements, Staking Rewards lowers the access barrier by presenting, comparing, and benchmarking all the Staking Providers, who are dedicated to providing infrastructure, security, expertise, and sometimes even custody or insurance for the staking assets.

We see tremendous upside in such a decentralized and transparent financial community to become the place where both new and experienced users in staking can obtain valuable information from. In addition, we believe the need to construct a platform of trusted information and collaboration in the rapidly growing DeFi ecosystem and blockchain industry —and this is exactly what Staking Rewards brings to the table.