Pawnhouse: The leading innovative NFT asset price discovery platform

NFT, as a broader asset type, keeps fueling the market. Till now, trading volume in main NFT market places in August is over US$3 billion, 10 times the figure in July. This also leads to the needs such as NFT price discovery and lending in previous DeFi ecosystems. In this case, Pawnhouse provides an innovative solution to connect NFT to DeFi.

PawnHouse’s main products include non-fungible token collateralized loans, a product that has been launched for a month now, as well as a simultaneous multi-round auction (SMRA) system, which is currently under development. Both serve the role of price discovery in the market of NFTs. This is in concurrence with the existing successful loan platform which has transaction volumes achieving $100 million since its launch. With the upcoming SMRA function, PawnHouse expects a larger increase in transaction volumes since an SMRA system will help capital providers in the loan market grasp a better understanding of the market values of different types of NFTs.

The PawnHouse platform was born to improve NFT asset liquidity. Features of the platform are set to roll out in three stages. The first stage would be the ability to facilitate collateralized loan and liquidity mining, followed by pawn ticket transfers and pledge mining, and lastly, introducing SMRA systems with a solid price corridor. The three stages are dedicated to developing innovative asset pricing tools through public and private information. Currently, the online version 1.0 only provides an NFT-based collateralized loan function, allowing users to obtain PawnHouse (PH) tokens by providing capital.

We believe everything are non fungible and can be tokenized from the real world to Metaverse. Thus, we see the great potential in PawnHouse and new things that are springing up when it starts to connect NFT to DeFi.



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