Mintverse: A Great bridge to bring NFTs and the service to mainstream

While the crypto native culture still dominates the current NFT market, as the concept of NFT populates the media, mainstream culture will play an increasingly prominent role in shaping the NFT landscape. This gradual transformation calls for pioneers with deep know-how in crypto and mainstream culture to introduce popular culture icons into the NFT space.

Mintverse, an NFT service platform, is the latest platform incepted by such a group of pioneers! It represents a significant step forward in the NFT space, creating a unique NFT ecosystem by leveraging blockchain technology and collectible NFTs that enable creators, collectors, artists, brands and game developers unparalleled freedom and ownership through its unique product offerings.

MARKET meets all requirements of trading in NFT;

MSTORE offers project owners comprehensive toolkits to build their own brand;

GAMESON incubates engaging gaming projects and fosters hyper-active communities;

LAUNCHPAD enables users to discover quality curators;

and MUSEUM hosts an exhibition space with AR/VR technology.

Bloom by Gene Kogen (Find more on

In September 2021, Mintverse offered technical support for the first NFT special auctions with NEAL DIGITAL and the largest Chinese auction houses — Poly Beijing, enabling over 20 artists to access a wider art market, with big names like Brendan Dawes, Gene Kogen, Moses, REVA, Baiwei, Cindy Ng, Sun Yuqian (Cheese) and many more.

Wander by Sun Yuqian (Find more on

The platform is about to initiate the featured collectible project — — Linglong, the first and largest 3D animation project in China, is entering the NFT space through Mintverse with digital blind boxes, with a rarity level ranging from N, R, SR and SSR. Having over 2.1 billion in total volume of network communication, 870 million microblogging readers and over 6 million fans on official social media channels.

“We were extremely excited to have A&T capital lead our first investment round, their support towards our project has been astounding. We believe together with their funds and our vision we can improve and conquer the NFT market in ways that are yet to be explored and developed.” Said Rene Cao, Founder of Mintverse.

Mintverse is at the forefront of bridging mainstream culture and NFT, and industry experts anticipate rapid growth of this project in the days to come.



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