Led by three founding partners based out of Berlin, Singapore and Shanghai, we are supported by a global dynamic team of researchers and analysts. Our varied backgrounds in high tech, TradFi and venture capital help us understand what is essential for a startup to succeed. In 2021, we raised 100M pool of funds.

Focusing on Web3 and fintech, we discover and invest in early-stage innovative blockchain technology infrastructure and high-growth application layer. Our portfolios include Amber Group, Cobo, Nestcoin, Infstones, Consensys and Commonwealth.

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Official website: https://capitalant.com/

Telegram Global Community: https://t.me/+2fGBC6O71IYzNWFl

For partnership or enquires: email contact@capitalant.com

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A&T Capital is an early to growth stage venture fund for emerging disruptive technologies mainly in web3.