A&T Talk Issue 2 — Summary

【Renaissances of oriental digital arts | a close-up from the view of eastern NFT KOLs】 01/24/2022

1. How can the Chinese NFT community stay competitive and break the circle to attract new users?


In fact, both Eastern and Western have their own community groups such as Chinese Stars like Edison Chen, but the problem is that they are more appealing to the Chinese region rather than catering the Western trend and tastes. His NFT series is quite welcomed by the Asian market as well as a part of the western, but it is really hard for a NFT series from Chinese community to become a top-tier project, like the BAYC and the Cryptopunk, so it will take much more efforts for NFT projects from the Chinese community to break into the Western market.

2. how to create a community culture and active community?

Yi Shui Han

A very important point is that the project owner should be doxxed so that members can have someone to go to if they meet problems in the community, and your community can’t change overnight if it encounters malicious attacks; as a project owner you should be tolerant of all kinds of voices and accept the opinions of community members; Operating a NFT project is extremely for the team, and we should be patient and more generous with home-grown projects.

3. What is the culture of the NFT community in Mandarin?

Cao Yin

I think most times, people purchase NFTs out of FOMO. Some people may do like the art and NFT itself, the other ones just want to join the FOMO tripe.

It is really hard to build native Chinese NFT communities for many reasons. The first one is that information spreads too fast, great projects go viral immediately, and a NFT series from a Chinese NFT community can easily be controlled by whales in the secondary market. You have to consider who will FOMO in after you if you just FOMO in following the hype. Because Chinese communities usually react to hypes extremely fast, however what a good NFT project wants are diamond hands. Just like that the non-Chinese spoken community is growing slowly, the community culture and bond is much deeper.

I suggest that projects should not limit themselves to Chinese-spoken regions, but go to the mainstream encrypted world and be international. If it can’t be internationalized, then try control the “chain reaction” from the market. The Phanta Bear project is actually not a model project that we should learn from, because it reaches its price peak just after its launch, forming a positive prisoner dilemma, holders are looking at each other, who will purchase from us? People from overseas? But Jay has no influence overseas, and it came down to a reverse prisoner dilemma, where as soon as someone sold some, it triggered a price drop, but he still succeeded. But it can’t be replicated because Jay peaked at whatever he did, he was an atomic bomb.

But still there are several things worth noticing. Firstly, our communities are buying NFTs from non-Chinese communities. The second point is that players in the Chinese language have mastered the tricks of managing the NFT community. Now the joining of many artists, designers will bring a lot of fun NFT. But traditional designers are only responsible for the aesthetic part.NFT is an immersive game, will involve a lot of situational scenarios where holders will enjoy ownership and belongingness of the community. What’s more important is that you will have a worldview for this NFT that resonates with more people. For example, why do female avatar NFT stand out? Because NFTs designed for women are not that common.

4. will there be NFTs that can stay across several rounds of bull and bear market?


This wont happen for most NFT projects, right? Those NFT projects will succeed because its art and its strong business development team. In fact, the success of BAYC is the success of its operation, which has become a status symbol. It highly depends on how far the operations team can expand NFT’s market. But I’m also curious how the value of NFT will be preserved and even increased in the long run? I’m just curious if there will be a program to keep empowering the project to make it more and more valuable? Currently, the continuous hype of a NFT project is usually due to its strong operation ability and the constant hype of attached values.

5. how do you think about adding video music game empowerment to NFT?


I think it’s just that there’s not enough time for developers yet, the infrastructure is still on its way, NFTs don’t have many utilities yet, but it can be collected and traded. We should be patient; the infrastructure is still being built and value added in NFTs will be even larger for the future.

I am very optimistic about the iterations of NFT, just like music NFT, I think there may be NFT TOKEN in the future, each time you play a music, you will have to use TOKEN, the creator can directly collect tokens from music playing; and then there is the upgrade from picture to sound, virtual idol, etc.; the other ones becomes equity, fund, etc. from picture NFT.

6. What is IreneDao’s journey?


Irenedao mainly wants to build a community-driven creator platform. In the beginning, we were doing the project SOCOL, which is a web3 version of Onlyfans, let me tell you a little bit about my personal experience, from the beginning of last year I started to be exposed to cryptocurrencies, at the beginning we were making stickers on telegram. A while after that, our fans wanted to make those stickers into NFT because the selfie of the Indonesian boy was on fire. At first we were rather resistant because the quality of our home-made stickers were not that good, so we took the airdrop to put NFT to our early backers of SOCOL.

7. How do you compare the experience of web2 and web3?


Web2 was free but the platform controlled people’s attention, of course, you could get a lot of followers through web2, but as a creator, you value were being squeezed by the platform. Content creating became an economic model in itself, web3 turns the attention economy into a creator economy, your fans can also invest in you and become your investors.

The creator NFT is not the same as the ordinary art NFT, fans are attached to the creator NFT, it is NFT with social , so we are turning the contact between our creator and fans into an NFT, after a year or two the creator becomes a very popular person, then the revenue is shared by fans and creators, For example, people from my community went to the home of an Indonesian boy in order to work with him, and eventually reached a partnership.

Now, Web2 is a very mature system, so what we want to do is to give users a very convenient experience under the packaging of web3.

8. What are the characteristics of the NFT Blue Chip project? What do you think about the cultural differences between the East and West in NFT?


Three true words: the style of the painting determines the height of the opening, the project owner determines the height of the future, both are strong and there is huge potential.

Also, I think the differences in NFT are interesting, NFT is about reaching out and embracing different cultures, if you don’t understand someone else’s culture there are some misunderstandings, for example, a guy in our group sold the red bean blind box of high rank and was despised by a foreigner because his name was KKK and the foreigner posted a mockery of his NFT (If you can’t hold, you won’t be rich ) because 3K means racist in western countries, but our guy just love it.

9. how to view OpenDao’s revolution on Opensea?


Our idea is very simple, we want to be heard as a community, so that every player in the community can get the value of the community. Opensea wont not do airdrop, everyone is complaining, in a way, bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto when he first started his own test also sent 1 million, so fair distribution is very important, our SOS airdrop actually 50% of the treasury is given to opensea users, based on their traffic and trading volume, so it’s fair for everyone. Then the other 20% goes to this governance reward, 10% goes to this circulation pool, and then the remaining 20% is the treasury, and then the money from the treasury does not go to the team. We have neither a private nor a public offering. And then our team bought all the token ourselves. For example, one of the original intentions of the team was to do something a little bit different. And now we are slowly developing and already have four products. We launched the first SOS market yesterday, we are an autonomous organization of this ecological infrastructure, so the overall feeling is still more inclusive, more biased towards the underlying infrastructure of this facility.

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Irene @Irenezhao_: Socol.io\ IreneDao NFT

CaoYin @CaoArmand: Digital Renaissance Foundation

Yishuihan @Yishuihan:XRabbitsClub NFT

Lester @Lester: L2Y

Neinei @Neinei2021_: Mintverse

Lasercat镭射猫 @BitCloutCat: Lasercat NFT

Robby @Robby_SOS: SOS (Opendao)




2. 如何打造社区文化,活跃社区?



3. 华语的NFT社区文化是怎么样的?






4. 会有NFT能跨越几轮牛熊留下来一直炒作吗?



5. 如何看待给NFT添加视频音乐游戏赋能?



我对NFT的迭代非常看好,就像音乐NFT,我认为以后也许会有NFT TOKEN,每次播放要使用TOKEN,创作者可以直接收token;还有就是从图片升级到声音,虚拟偶像等;另外的就从图片NFT成为股权,基金等等。




7. 对比web2和web3有什么不同?




现在Web2 是一个非常成熟的体系,所以我们想做的是web3的包装下给用户一种非常便捷的体验。

8. NFT蓝筹项目有什么特点?怎么看待NFT中东西方文化的差异性?



另外我觉得NFT的差异性很有意思,NFT是接触和拥抱不同的文化,如果你不懂别人的文化,就有一些误会,例如我们群里有个人卖了哥高rank的红豆盲盒,被老外鄙视了,因为他名字是KKK,老外发了个嘲讽他的NFT(If you cant hold,you wont be rich),因为3K在国外是种族歧视的意思,但是群友只是喜欢。

9. 如何看待OpenDao对Opensea的革命?


我们的想法很简单,其实就是想为社区发声,让社区每一个玩家都能获得社区的价值,因为Opensea不空投,大家都怨声载道,从某种程度上来讲,比特币中本聪他刚开始的时候自己测试也发了 100 万枚,所以公平分发很重要,我们SOS的空投其实 50% 的国库是给到 opensea 用户,根据他们的流量和交流量决定空投数量,所以大家是很公平的。然后另外 20% 是给到这个治理奖励,10%给到这个流通池,然后剩下 20% 是国库,然后国库的钱没有给到这个团队。我们既没有私募也没有公募。然后我们团队的token都是自己买的。比如说这边的一个初衷,还是想多去做一点不一样的事情。然后到现在慢慢发展,已经有四个产品。我们昨天上线的第一个这个 SOS market ,我们的话是一个这个生态基建的一个自治组织,所以整体感觉还是比较包容,比较这个偏向于底层的基建的设施。





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